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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amazing smile...

Oh, and thanks for the great tour around the chilly Ohio i will be sure to top yours lol jk every time i see a Starbucks i tend to remember how long it took us to get to Starbucks and how we had to run back it was so cold and it killed me not to use your sweater but I'm stubborn and wanted to cowgirl it out ha ha Some people can't always change but a person can change what they think...
I have always been the type of "BIG" talk kind of person and i can't idealize something that can't happen. You change my mind a whole lot i never had a person my age relate so well to what i think in the world. Yeah i have friends that i have known a whole lot longer then you but i admire your friendship. Your normal and yet politically justified now weather or not that was embraced by your family or just yourself then its well whatever...
Most people believe a lawyer is a great debater and can Handel a lot well for the most part they are wrong its the justice that must be applied that is with in. But anyways i am more for the peace that you can get out of political knowledge that i am waiting for. So whats your greatest childhood memory? :)


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