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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Me and my buddie :)

Me and raq

Are hotel view

Me and Tyler

that dude that and chris were there too.

This is me and raq at express lol that was funny.

This was some quilt made by slaves and it was in code.And the huge pepsi bottle and of course the stad-

This was me and i have no clue who's in the back ground.

This is when everyone was packing rice and other gains for other people it was so amazing and made me feel so cool.This is Mrs.B and these are the girls from kash and i really dislike KK mother she can go somewhere with herself and shes so disrespectful.

Me and raq at the boardwalk thing i think?!?and then there was that first meeting with that andrew guy...this is chris at night when we wanted to go out and see the town.I thought that it was super cold and i have no clue what was i thinking on more then half of that trip its crazy.

Thats me and my buddie gosh i am never pic ready this is us getting off the bus that picked us up form the airport.

Thats chris getting his bag that was too heavy and the thing was moving too fast and i was trying to take the pic.

He also had to get checked because of his pants it was so funny.

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