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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be mine

Sophia Manzanares:
uhm... why did you write that quote?
[1:58am] cody parker:
which one?
[1:59am] Sophia Manzanares:
"ill play i play my..."
??? its pretty gross... lmao but very funny if you see it from a guys view i suppose
[2:00am] cody parker:
lol ive been writing raps all day an it kinda stuck. its a attention getter
but it wont come off there ive changed it like 4 times
[2:01am] Sophia Manzanares:
ha ha okay well am no rapper but that looks like its sweet like rappers candy ha ha am dorky at night spending all nighters for a friend isnt nice after the 2 ocloock marker...
[2:03am] cody parker:
lol read my whatever i want thats the rap i wrote tonight. but ima warn you i had no beat to go off of so its a work in progress
[2:05am] Sophia Manzanares:
i am joking so what is that a hobby?
[2:07am] cody parker:
nah i just love fuckin with all the "gangster" kids that live around me. i tell them that i can rap an they laugh.
[2:08am] Sophia Manzanares:
when did i add you as my friend?
[2:09am] cody parker:
i have no idea.. lol i think i told you that you were gorgeous an idk what happened from there
you gave me your number too i think.
[2:12am] Sophia Manzanares:
cool well maybe out of something random i seem to do that and i am always called names good and bad doesnt everyone lmao okay well tell me about your self?
[2:15am] cody parker:
i recently moved to va from nc.. im 18 19 on sept 7th. im a beach bum.. surfing is my life. im single. ive probably partied harder than anyone you know. ive probably sold more pot in one day than most people see in one place at anypoint in their life. but that stuff was in the past im trying to be a grown up now an get my career started.
i want to find a girl that will be with me for me. ive always had the problem of girls being with me for fucked up reasons. im a really nice guy till i have a reason to not like you. once that happens im done with you. i tend to not give second chances cuz if you will fuck me once you will do it twice humans are habitual creatures its just your instinct you cant help it
[2:19am] Sophia Manzanares:
ha ha well am hard into falling for teh bad boys my bf is an ex weed guy but he stopped after he knew it lead him no where near me am friends w/ ppl that do what they want with their own life i hate ppl butting into things it just pushes them deeper into something... ??? well aside from that am going off to rice law school and then going to a two year peace core thing in latin america and then going back to college for my major or PH depends and then studying for my minors and thats in pre med and pre bus and i want to be a South American UN emba-
deep well your older then me but wisdom has no age... but its funny i am into your other side its tight girls r who they can be and if you want a tip the can be huger players then guys not to say close your heart on love just to notice that some ppl can change...
[2:22am] cody parker:
im going into the air force to get my veterans benefits and gi bill so that if i end up haveing a family i can put them through college
an i know what you mean about girls can be bigger players than guys.. for some reason i tend to attract the players. i have yet to leave a girl. most of the time i try to make things work no matter what. cuz once i fall for you ill always have a soft spot for you.
[2:24am] Sophia Manzanares:
ha ha i am so not for that mil stuff thats why i dumped this really sweet guy i couldnt bare the fact he could get hurt and i would just as bad if no worse...
[2:27am] cody parker:
im not scared of being hurt. wounds heal an pain is the #1 way to learn. i dont regret anything that i learned a lesson from. i just regret not taking some lessons to heart and letting it happen twice
[2:28am] Sophia Manzanares:
ha ha you sound like a hurt man... :/ since were new friends spill i want to know who hurt you so bad was it your family teacher friend ex ???
[2:30am] cody parker:
i have a fucked up family.. but i have been abused most by ex's i usually fall for heartless bitches for some reason.. but im actually a really happy person lol
rockstar cola an yager is kickin my ass lol
[2:33am] Sophia Manzanares:
the last part made me laugh... random well they dont need you just hold your head up someone is bound to realize your great inside and out i saw this chick with no legs and this really good looking guy happy in love and married anyone can find love it just depends if your free to love completely
[2:35am] cody parker:
just curious if you knew me better would i have a chance with you? cuz in NC i pretty much had my pick of girls but its a difff story in va idk why its confusing as hell
from my aperance. cuz you dont kow me
[2:44am] Sophia Manzanares:
I love my boyfriend I think i would have to know you better and you have to be my type there is guys i just know over time such as my bf and i fall in love. Or my type forgetting all the rest my type is what i would do anything for from your rap sheet idk... do you want to see my type to see if you have anything that clicks?
[2:45am] cody parker:
my rap sheet?
an what is your type?
brb gotta let the puppy out
k im bak
[2:53am] Sophia Manzanares:
I love animals i was a veggie for 8 years of my life almost nine... recently stopped. I saw your puppies adorable am huge into someone who is into owning pets i am not sickly to anything i am perfect with eye sight and i sing in the shower i like sleeping on the left side of the bed and i hate texing oddly enough and no i o longer have my cell phone i was dunked into my pool. I hate math and english but its something i deal with as of now. My parents are so weird they are together but not in a way i guess thats why am not into relationships... i guess if i were to get married am huge into adopting... I dont have any pets of my own the died sadly... i adore pits and huge dogs but i am crazy for snakes and fishes and birds and pretty much anything i dont care about looks am not into myself my best friend is gay but if he doesnt like someone i am normally on the same side am a demo- politics huge into them ever since i was five and my fav actor is johnny depp my fav witter is stephen king and my fav director is tim burrton and i want to live in alicante spain where my father lives
.... am italian and mexican and spainard have an amazing tan into anything such as sports movement but i can also be the lazyest person ever.. i love pasta anything with it and hate orange juice and like water the best my birthday is in dec and its on the 8th and my fav alphabet is P and my fav number is 21 and my fav color is gem green and navy blue anything else oh and sometimes i sleep with this really old teddy bear names sparkle
and the yongest of 8 from my mothers side but my father and mother were re married so my father has 6 with his first wife and 6 with my mother and my mother has two form her 1st husban
[2:57am] cody parker:
lol that is alot to take in...
[2:59am] Sophia Manzanares:
well i will give you time lmao
[3:03am] cody parker:
when i retire i wanna live in a little hut in brazil on the water without an one within miles. i dont want kids. i want a pit i have had 6. i have a bird and three dogs cats annoy me. i had a snake named wiggles when i was little and a bearded dragon named chico. i am a democrat i hate people that say their vote doesnt count.. its people like that that are to blame for the way america is. i love when people are really opiniated, it shows that they are passionate about something and its something to admire. i love volunteering and helping others if they try to help themself
an im really a country boy but you would never know it unless you know me i hate racist people cuz somewhere downthe line were all muts. i like to think of people as differnt types of coffee some just have more milk than others i hate ignorant people ignorance isnt bliss its just ignorance..
[3:08am] Sophia Manzanares:
i love cats too and i do want kids just not from me i wont want to get fat am lazy so i dont see myself losing it i hate when ppl say what i should and shouldnt do i dont like being controled but flirting is okay like picking me up or something silly or fun is fine..... am not done reading so here you go read this while i finish
i am so there with you i grew up in the country too but i act liek a city girl or my euopean by the way i act and i say things funny sometimes like with an english twist...? Its something i got from my papa he speaks proper english when he wants lol he mostly sticks to what he loves which is spainsh i know french spanish and english am studying two other ling-os
I hate coffee real coffee as much as i hate orange juice lol
I lived were i did b/c my family loves the open air and life of the country my mother grew up on a huge ranch with mango trees and loads of horses and cattle and stuff live stock and a huge house she moved to the states and now works at UT in austin TX
oh yeah i live in TEXAS so sorry if that burst your bubble lmao
okay am done its your turn
[3:17am] cody parker:
you bursted my bubble when you said you love your bf.. lol but ive moved past that your an amazing person but i really need to go to sleep i have a interview in like 11 hours an ill probably still be drunk when i wake up
[3:18am] Sophia Manzanares:
drunk... ha ha i hate those things i would just post it on the waiting list i suppose so were moving in with eath other am glad we can be friends
[3:18am] cody parker:
an i noramaly wouldnt drink the night before a interniew but they called me after it was to late..
[3:19am] Sophia Manzanares:
good night
ha ha i meet my bf at a party on the 4th of july and i was dating this other dude and then i was like screw it woke up the next day and he was watching me sleep creepy but i stayed with him ever since
[3:20am] cody parker:
night hug your bf tomorrow an tell him why you love him guys love that no matter how much they tell you they dont.
[3:20am] Sophia Manzanares:
am not with him now.
He is away in del valle and am stuck in houston but that is a good tip thanks
go to bed now and drink some milk or oj it helps with getting sobber


I love that movie with those two guys in it and Mc Lovin
Classical and will always be funny.I just got up and i think that i am really starting to get bothered by the one person i truly am in love with.
SONG OF CHOICE (Good Girls Go Bad)

So anyways i have some busted stories since that's the title.So i was out with one of my ex's and i got busted coming back like in the morning.Gosh i wouldn't have gotten busted if i was just have came back like an hour earlier.The real reason i love Marcos is because he always covers my ass.I think in both ways that is good and bad.I have good intentions but i want to explore things i have a mind so i think that i am capable of making okay choices like i won't do anything before i decide that i am ready to do something and i truly think that i am capable to pay for the punishment. I think a whole lot about something. In a way i am a prune because even when i do something bad i know that i raised better then to do some stuff.I feel really bad afterwards.So it takes all the fun out of stuff.Oh and i keep hounding my love about how he might like some other chicks or what not well i think its just because i like some guys but then i wounder too much i like him and only a guilty mind speaks so i am so not going to ask him about that stuff unless i feel it deep down that i need to.
I can be super clueless too.Well on friday it was so awesome and stuff.Kelsey help me call chris and he was like yeah totally i want to go to the what ever it was with me i would have been like hell no if he would have said no or something.
I am one of the prettiest girls at are school.
If i had more curves i bet that i would win P.Q. my dream more then anything even college stuff i was thinking about everything before hand like p.q. was like when i was four and i saw they had all these pretty dresses.Thats why i try make so much good first impressions.I think that i need to strive to be nice and the best out of everyday.I have the brains and the looks its more of material things but more then half the pretty girls truly are full of it i admit i can be that way sometimes. I hate the truth but its all good because its not hurting me.
I love giving.
I think that i am going to go swimming and stuff i need to run today and finish my homework.
so i hope that i can do good on that.

Its going to be super sunny but i need to keep my swimming up.I think in the wired way.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

I gotta feeling...
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling...
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling... (Woohoo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling... (Woohoo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

Tonight's the night
Let's live it up
I got my money
Let's spend it up
Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let's kick it OFF

I know that we'll have a ball
If we get down
And go out
And just lose it all
I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
And loosing all control

Fill up my cup
Mazel tov
Look at her dancing
Just take it... OFF
Lets paint the town
We'll shut it down
Let's burn the roof
And then we'll do it again

Lets do it (x4)
And do it (2x)
Let's live it up
And do it (3x)
Do it, do it
Lets do it(3x)

Cause I gotta feeling... (WoooHooo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling... (WoooHooo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling
Tonight's the night (HEY! )
Let's live it up (lets live it up)
I got my money (I'm paid)
Lets spend it up (Lets spend it up)
Go out and smash it (Smash it)
Like Oh My God (Like Oh My God)
Jump off that sofa (Come On! )
Lets kick it OFF

Fill up my cup (Drank)
Mazel tov (La chaim)
Look at her dancing (Move it Move it)
Just take it... OFF
Lets paint the town (Paint the town)
We'll shut it down (Shut it down)
Lets burn the roof (Woooooo)
And then we'll do it again

Lets do it (x4)
And do it (2x)
Let's live it up
And do it (3x)
Do it, do it
Lets do it(3x)
Do it, do it, do it, do it

Here we come
Here we go
We gotta rock
Easy come
Easy go
Now we on top
Feel the shot
Body rock
Rock it don't stop
Round and round
Up and down
Around the clock

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Friday, Saturday
Saturday to Sunday

Get, get, get, get, get with us
You know what we say (say)
Party everyday (x2)

And I'm feeling (WooHooo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I gotta feeling (WooHooo)
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night