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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talking so pretty

Take so much and make it something new.
I have big dreams for everything that i have planned or i make up on the way.
(summer times)
The burning hot sun
the cold wind breeze
the sandy beaches
the people driving hands in
the air round and...Friend ship is the coolest thing better then anything else.Because its safe and your not attached by blood or a kiss just the trust in each other as friends.I love it its the e=best feeling that i have ever had.Better then going around the world and diving off cliffs.

("Lah lah lah lah
Wow oh oh ohhhh
Come and get me
sweep me off my feet
given me a kiss on the

i hope that i put in the correct words anyways its pretty much explained.I have a way for always getting in trouble when i was younger because of my older sister you would think that she would make me a good girl well now i know not to go with everything like play with dads tools and other silly kido things that i use to do.

So i will start my whole thing from weired mixed up unmatched stories.It wouldn't be any different if i were to talk to you in person i tend to get off topic because i like every second to be new.Its something that is random about my life and i enjoy that factor some people think that its funny or just adorable.

I remember telling adam law that i thought that his dog was adorable then i called him adorable because he called me pretty.Ha ha ha Anyways i think that was pretty funny his a really nice guy.
So whats the thing that i was just about to type... oh okay who can dive deeper then 600ft down without dieing??! lol jk
Oh gosh its still summer wow wow wow
so much freakin fun i love the summer even though i don't need a tan its still okay with me to get some more light on my glowing skin.
I wrote this for omar (Random star question! "The whale is the captains best friend." BFF Your my c.p.)
hahaha i think that was wierd of me to have written about to him i seem to do that a whole lot he gets a kick out of it.
So do i!

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