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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trash in the worst way

This is a mix .....
of something that i like talking about
and do to the fact that i get side tracked part of me
So i am a peaceful person but very random which is all good with me
I like most others hate how they can including myself damage the earth.
We all do it waste stuff and dump it out then not caring where it goes.Its just now
that others realize how bad are careless actions are effecting us. It may not be now.Buts people
do need to know just because they may not be here doesn't mean the youth isn't going to be effected.A rude person would be fast to think so what who cares.Or lets go to the zoo and see a great white or whatever.Ha ha ha well anyways i am better off just trying to fix what i can.I recycle and sometimes i can be a tad overboard.Like skipping a bath is gross to most people, but i have found out by skipping a bath every now and then is great for the hair.That doesn't mean skip a bath or shower for a whole week.I am in love with the earth thats one of the major reasons that i decided to go veggie.I believe nothing should be killed unless its for food not for fur. Even then i hate it all yeah most others would say cows would die without the humans having them in cages.Its all bull shit!I am not to fast to judge ever since i have read from some book that in order to cast a label on someone or something... you yourself must have been judge or will be.It's just like that thing that my brother would tell me which he got from watching t.v. "It takes one to know one.I wonder how far i am willing to wait
for things to get better.Some sort of something from someone keeps
me from falling apart.Because thats the only one that i
can honestly say helps me be a better person
Because i want something to keep
on going for and thats all i
will ever need.Be a better
person by choice
not by force.
=] <3>

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