Hot fuzz :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So what do you think?

I love when people smile i just go bonkers for that.Anyways i think that i was kind of dumb early this night because i was crying over seeing tupac.I am now again i love the man and his voice his empowerment.I like bob Dylan ad the black panthers too.

I remember when Robert told me how he liked spider man i was in love with that guy so in love with him.That was the first guy that truly made my heart stop and made me have the hugest smile ever.I hated the fact that after i got over the guy that i was really hurt because i had made myself seem like a jerk compared to how i was treating everyone else because i was so into what he had to say and that was it.
I wish that i wasn't so dumb gosh... anyways its cool now i remember a close friend of mine also saying some stuff and comics.Its cute i like that girl thats bad ivy or something like that i don't really know i wasn't ever into that stuff.


  1. All is beautifull my friend, I can't read too much english but I can see you enjoy life. Thank's.

  2. thank you maybe i could change the style what do you speak?