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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

razzel my tea is green

What could be more funny then me just being myself.Oh well i was looking over some old love note that i gave or was planning on giving to my boyfriend.Anyways, so this is what i had written.
(Ohh, my "h" looks like "n".Anyways,a random statement."People tell you the truth...
truth is that HURTS!" p.s. I love you)
Its funny thinking that i had written that for him.After all its not lovey dove kind of stuff.I have come to realize almost everything i write for him is more of a friend thing.I love him like a great friend but still sometimes wonder....
Never mind who am i kidding?I was having a very important conversation with my older sister which by the way i like to hear her voice knowing now that she is going off to college soon.That and i moved away from her.
Its probably is for the best i hate having to move but i try seeing the good parts in the whole thing.I might start ballet again.I am going to make new friends and i am getting new shoes.Who could be that mad after all those pluses.I am getting on a healthy diet.I just order some new stuff and i went up 3 sizes.Shocker i think not i was packing on the butter.That and junk food.Its hard to stop once you start.I thought that it was going to be super easy.I am stuck from being super happy and jumping everywhere.To trying to think about whats in store for me.

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