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Friday, August 14, 2009

I wonder

I am done with all the moving there to here to over there.OH my freaking gosh i hate everything.Sad thing is that even thought i have a perfect fake guy all to myself that's perfect i miss my all nothing old ex boyfriend.Now i am listing to music after having a long up and down kind of day.Living with crazy people i tend to get crazy days.Latin people seem to yell but that's what they consider having an inside voice.I thought it was just my family that yelled rather then just
Should i do this to my lovely Tim or is it that i should because my crush is a mainly kept to me neither one of them ever asked me if i had a blog so its not like am a lire.I like Tim i love my ex thing is that my ex wouldn't date me ever again his too into the whole fact that i am so far away.Its not that he should judge something like distance as an issue that's what i like to call "LAME".
I want to tell my ex how much i like him but i can't i just can't... this i know that i am not being chicken on this is what i would like to call a lost hope.I was talking to him today the first time in four days.Yes that might not seem like a whole lot of time but it is to me because i would call him about 5 times a day so i am guessing from 5 to once every couple of days makes a huge difference.
Thats the first time that his just normal i would post pics that people would ohh and ahh at but i love making the best out of the norm.

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