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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bad to the bone

I remember writing a poem like that once it was really good i think i threw it away so it probably no longer amused me so i decided to throw it away.
Anyways i think that i will just live my life and learn from the wise.I was young and cute. Ha ha ha that has nothing to with anything well kind of does. =]
I think that growing up being pretty wasn't such a big deal when i went to high school it made or broke a person and that's when everyone wanted to be a mean girl.Liked by no one loved by everyone.I think that movie made people more stuck up then making them want to be nice.I loved that movie and the ending was a lame one for a while before i watched the behind scenes where the movie is suppose to make people nice and not mean.I didn't know that it made me what to step over nobodies to be liked more.Its okay now that i know that your suppose to act nice instead of mean i think that i got that movie when i was 12.Ha ha that was a while back and i have had time to change.

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