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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


More random junk that i seem to like to write down.Just on my FREE time.I guess i could always, just call you?!?"Life has a million lessons
take your..... pick."I always hated riding the bus when i was in middle school.
Do to the fact that i had one of the worst of the worst.To add to the madness was that she was the boss of the bus barn.I think that she was close minded and she didn't have a clue of anything.The thing that ticked me off the most was when she made it seem as if i were the stinky one on the bus.
Me out of everyone i was the best smelling one.I was in shocked.Her hair looked like a birds nest.Thats one home thats sure to stay and not be chopped down.Just kidding of course.I use to think that i was cool when i rode the bus and i was the oldest one such as grade level.Now i realize being the oldest isn't all that good and doesn't have that much perks.

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