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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Girly curls

Acho que sou alguém que precisa sobre todas as pessoas a seguir o meu ganhar ou, pelo menos, tentar manter up.I poderiam ser sempre uma curly girl.I também poderia ser um fácil executar jogou suas mãos pino down.I perceber que toda a gente é kinda o mesmo quando você tem algo que você quer algo diferente não mais.
That was in both English and (Port)
I have always been amazed at the color pink its kind its sweet it makes you feel pretty when your little.I remember when i was younger and i like baby blue instead of pink, i thought something was wrong with me.Good thing i learned that was ok.

I love reading down by the pool in fact you can see the water move and dance with the wind and its so peaceful.I think thats the greatest thing that you could do is watch mother nature have a good time.

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