Hot fuzz :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I feel like a jerk!

Gosh and i had to pack a whole lot i now know that i for sure hate packing and junk thats why i liked when i went to the park that was pretty fun.
yepers thats for sure.

I feel really bad today i am super happy knowing that i am with the coolest guy ever and i didn't get to call him.I saved a cat today which was nice but i feel super bad now that for once after all that time of wanting something finally having it and no longer being able to do what i wanted to do.
i took a ton of pics funny yes but that day was some day to remember lol i rather keep it to myself though.
I feel like a jerk because i want to talk to him and instead i am watching a hulu show and eating some candy nice yes but i want to talk no to see him.