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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

True meaning

Everyone says "no rules" is the number one rule.
whats a shocker there that's nothing its not wroth having
a rule that says you have no rules.Whats the point?Well that's how it was...
not everyone agrees on the same thing.That's something i love about America.Even though its not 100% free whatever... its still a whole lot better then most other countries.Everyone has a title to their own thing.That's not to say that everyone is going to go with it.Money might spice up the mixing pot because most wealthy people control the ones below them, so in a way you could call them names.Or you could take some initiative and get a well paying job.Forget the grills and fancy people surrounding you just because they enjoy the size of you pocket and in the women's case the purse.That's not right at all but its funny.So i yet again have manage to go off of the main thing that i was trying to talk about or better yet write about.

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