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Friday, August 28, 2009

what a week....

Well it happen like this...
my amor y amie,

I got back with my babe...
i hate him just as much as i love the boy but gosh he can really push my bottons.What kind of guy tells his girl that its okay to do whatever or yeah its something else....?!?
I wanted to go to this party with my new friend eric with a c not a k like my best friend from bastrop.... so anyways yeah yeah i was till i found out he had a girlfriend so i passed because like i have been asked out like a million times on the first week and i would hate for his girl to think that i am trying to take her man they say they aren't that into the relationship so i was like okay i better back off lol
So anyways i want to go with chris now and i was pretty happy about that but then gosh well uhm... i asked omar if that was cool and he was plan jane about it that means his ticked.
But whatever anyways i saw A.O. again that was tight. (832)-***-**** sorry readers no number of my friend will be handed out lol.

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