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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What are you doing?

I am waiting for some random person to come up to me and ask me what my name is and then that will make my day i like when people want to know something about me then they think that i am cool they get to know me more then a month and think that i am random and more then a year and are sick of what i have to say then more then two years they are use to my ways and i gain a complete friendship that is long lasting.

I seem to ask a whole lot of questions.I find it very well idk some what in a way it amuses me.I am going to a new school i am going to miss my old friends but i don't know i think that aside from leaving one of my best friends behind and not fixing all the bad stuff i started last year that might tick at me.

Things with me that a whole lot of time depending on what i have planned sometimes i will plan something in advance and change it at the last min.I am looking outside at the window it looks like its going to rain.I remember having kittens and then i would get them and pick them up and smell them they smelled like baby's.

I like watching pretty and pink.It was so funny and i had some "ohh" moments.

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