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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diet i think not

I haven't been able to fit in the new jeans that i bought brand


I was cutting almost everything i could out of my food eating

habits.I think that its best that i enjoy being fat or normal but i

think jumping up three sizes is the worst thing to do.I hate the

city its not like the country its all buildings and little to none of

having great fresh food and huge tx size stores.


  1. You write quite a lot.
    The 2 latests posts of yours seens to be a little very "unhappy" or something like that. Write those things Surely make you better, ain't i'm right? It's one way to become better, but here's my advice: "Fight for what you want, you'll surelly got it"

    Thanks for your comment in my blog, feel free step by.
    Obs: Choose the language you want, don't be afraid, I'll understand.
    (Your comment had some "lost" words)

  2. ha ha thanks :) am so sad right now these girls at school make me feel very out fitted what should i do about that?