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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Short cut <3

The way i see most things is that i don't ever stop thinking about what i have done or what i will do.I absolutely hate when someone seems to think they know me best and try to underestimate me.Is it so hard for someone to think of someone other then themselves for once i believe not.
I went to this NASA thing that i didn't want to go to but ended up liking and i found out that i can stop getting wrinkles if i were to stay up in space.
Now the other part to that was pretty gross so i am still on the fence about the whole thing.

I wanted to go shopping in person for all my clothes just to go to the mall instead i ended up buying stuff off line.I think that it saved gas money and i had time to do what i wanted it was really nice to have fun and chill.

I type to keep my mouth shut.I tend to blab a whole lot and sometimes that can be bad.I get people annoyed and then they get mad.So instead of making it into something positive they make it into something bad.

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