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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My past three days

I had angelica fix my hair and make it Texas size.Very chic if you know what i mean its so cool and curves in just like it use to when i was young.People either like me with really long hair or really short never in between.

Gosh i am so over done

with doing so much stuff

and still trying to manage having a smile on my face

so that no one complains about me being upset.I am

so done!I can't even find the time to eat with out

wanting to close my eyes and just go to bed.But i have

too much things to do.I had to do the most in the past

two days.Then i had to carry a whole lot of junk by

myself up and down two flights of stairs.I am now a

hot mess that has burned out and is watching lame t.v.

shows. So what!?! I could have just done whatever i wanted too bad i haven't but i don't care.

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