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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who are you?!?

I could easily make up someone new depending on who i am hanging out with i try to make people that i have never meet before get the best out of a first impression.That's the key to having many people liking you.Yeah sometimes i think that those people are shallow but i can handle having more friends in return for them having something that will just me seem better.I should name the different people that i can pretend to be i have lost myself in my own lies.

Age 1-4 years old
I was a huge cry baby and always got what i wanted.I use to get picked on by my siblings.I think that if your younger then the most that's a right of passage.It didn't help me much when they picked on me it made me have self esteem problems.

Age 5-8 old
I had a roller coaster kind of school years every teacher i had except for Mrs.l were ass wholes.I hated my second grade teacher.She died the following year.:/
I was the leader of my group magali who i meet when i was two and Justine she looked just like me when we were growing up.I was sweet and opened up fine with my close friends.

Age 9-10
I would always get picked on by all the boys in my 3rd grade class.I found out later they liked me.Gosh they were rude.I think that boys are dumb till this day for acting like jerks.I didn't like this stage of my life much i was really giving and sweet still shy and always knew what to say and what to keep to myself.

Age 11-12
Guys were at my feet i was still into my friends and being nice to everyone.It was okay with me to be nice to everyone rather then turning away i was really big in letting things go.I wouldn't keep grudges.

I think that i broke out of my shell became shallow and only hung out with pretty people made fun of anyone i though wasn't good enough.I was what most people would call a valley girl prep i would hang out with all the popular people and cheerleaders.I was really two faced and dropped guys like nothing.

Now i think that i am a mix of shy,sweet,mean,giving,strong and everything else.

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