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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life is a mess


If you are going to know something about me i have two favorite numbers 8 and 21 i guess the second one is behind the fact that you are truly free and on your own.The 8 is because it was at an age were i grew a tougher skin and grew up knowing that not everything is a fairly tell and that there is mean and bad people.I learned a whole lot in a little amount of time all i had to do is think about everything and how i could avoid these things or take them head on.What is wrong with everything with the bad things.
("where is the love?")
By the black eye peas is the best thing ever listen and you will think in a better mind since.I always thought that i culd be better now i know that i can.
I hope that we can stop wars i think that people should help rather then take away because thats just how things work you hurt this person and then that person hurts you and then someone else gets hurt just stop and be the bigger person.
Really listen to that song its really good!

I have a poem...
"I think that i think too much and sometimes i over think stuff and then forget the real story and then leave it then come back and then i get confused and then i go crazy then i live again and wake up to see that what i was thinking about was to not think at all."

Read paint art
i think that your great
make someone smile by you smiling back.
I remember smiling at this one person and they either smiled because they didn't want to be rude or because they were really happy.I feel good when i give something as simple as that.Just try not being creepy when you smile lol
I am just kidding.Anyways have a great day!
I am going to go swimming and see what i think is simple but wonderful all at the same time so that the fin de todo.

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