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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay i love all the color in the pics i fixed things so it would look more retro.I was having the most amazing dream earlier today and now i am up all night because i can't go back to bed.I am too awake to go to bed.I think that i need to let go more and not think things threw i know this is for sure now because at like 8 in the morning i am listening to billy idol and i was listing to the lyrics and that is the reason why i don't sing along.I am so not into girls that way. lol
So angelica was like you really over think stuff her out of anyone to tell me something like that made me think that maybe i really do but i don't think that i am the only one in the whole world to do that.

I wouldn't kill someone over smiling but i think that anything worth fight for should always be to better an others life.
In the best way like buda and stuff for peace.
I can't think of something that i have done just to do it just because i thought that it would make me look better well yeah there was a couple of times but i think the best times i have had helping others is when i truly want to out of my heart and time.
I like listing to Vh1.
I think that the 60's were the biggest times of the u.s.a i think that gosh i say "i think" well anyways i was working on having my high kicks and i totally can do them without having a bad face on i have a huge smile.

Well i blew up some balloons and then they began to pop and i was like what and i screamed and it scared me and then i was like oh okay after i found out that it was the red balloon and that it was because of the thumb tack on the floor.

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