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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cat fight :P

Don't act like you have never not liked someone.Even the littlest part deep down inside.Being a teenager i get this from both sides.Parents act like they know everything.Like they have been in are shoes
What is the big deal with them.The worst thing for teenagers is that we aren't 5 years old but we are still consider kids.That have to work for everything.But we aren't old enough to stay out late or stay on the phone or anything!
So i keep in mind that i should have the ability to have more freedoms.
I not only have my parents on my back i have school.High school is filled of losers and cool people.Its funny how sometimes the tables turn.I hate gossip nah.. who am i kidding i love it!
But of course unless its good I'd rather me be out of the gossip.Something is always good until it falls apart.That tends to happen to me a lot.I am one of those people that you could consider your best friend and worst enemy. I like telling people off when they like talking and can't face the real facts.

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