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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Some people just don't care
i care
no not really but i love being on the other side.
I like starting stuff because i am just that kind of
person that likes to start things with the people
that think that they are all that and stuff because
of whatever reason just to bring them back to earth.
AIR HEADS! unmatched face that is made up of different things.I have tried so hard to have fun with my best friend yell scream and then have a better time next time around.

I haven't said anything that i try taking back with out part of me still on the fence about the subject.I love tea parties.
Zimmy is next to me now she wanted to know what i was doing.Ha ha shes so cute i was never allowed to have girl dogs for more reasons then one.So i am glade we have her shes cite but acts like a diva.
I remember arron told me that at the pool that his girl dog was a diva.He invited me to go to the movies.I think that it was the cutest thing.What was i suppose to say but kindly say "No" i didn't really want to but i did anyways because that was just the thing to do the right thing at least.But i am going to meet up with him later.

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