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Friday, August 28, 2009


I love things almost as much as i hate them that's something random but very true although they contradict each other.... wait okay so today i wore heels and i almost feel but i didn't it was funny and hasn't been the first time that i have made a fool of myself.So anyways i think that it was the same high heels were it had just rained and i was going to my bus this is when i was like in the 8Th grade and i slept and feel in a puddle of muddy water gross and Erik laughed ... :/
So anyways i am one of those ppl that plays it off cool by laughing at myself its nice to know that you are laughing at it rather then being laughed at.

I always wonder why sometimes people act different around some ppl...? Anyways how can you say someone is single or dating someone and if so does it stop the actions that you feel towards that person vise versa.

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