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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Preppy mess


"To be such a big part of everything that i believe has made me a better person is great.Take the chance."
This is something that i wrote for someone special that now that i notice it i haven't had a chance to talk to in a while so i am.Well not now its late but later but thats what i always say.... I got my new bathing suit. It was so cool i dived and it did ride up.By the way it was a two piece its very hard to find a bathing suit that doesn't give you those oh gosh kind of moments.I love to plunge into the water when i swim so unless i am wearing a speedo
i have those opps moments or i hope no one saw that. lol
I remind myself of those really cute penguins.I can walk on land and dive right in.I was hoping on having a job that allowed me to interact with animals and help them but i hate when people are like are you going to be a vet.No i wouldn't want to be a vet.I never have but i honor the people that do.Magali wanted to be a vet.Gosh i will leave it at that i have a tone of beef with my ex best friend.People shouldn't watch the news unless they want to know what people think about life and me myself think that its lame.That also could be because Magali wanted to be a weather women after wanting to be a vet.I think that its cute how she always changed her mind.I loved her so much and hate how i am no longer friends with her i have known her for 14 years and have been friends with her for 13 years.I think thats why i keep to myself if you have ever been dumped being dumped by your best friend is ten times worse.
I am a complete teen mess.I have learned now my mistakes but i can be grown enough to blow it off and keep my head on. :)

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