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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love that movie with those two guys in it and Mc Lovin
Classical and will always be funny.I just got up and i think that i am really starting to get bothered by the one person i truly am in love with.
SONG OF CHOICE (Good Girls Go Bad)

So anyways i have some busted stories since that's the title.So i was out with one of my ex's and i got busted coming back like in the morning.Gosh i wouldn't have gotten busted if i was just have came back like an hour earlier.The real reason i love Marcos is because he always covers my ass.I think in both ways that is good and bad.I have good intentions but i want to explore things i have a mind so i think that i am capable of making okay choices like i won't do anything before i decide that i am ready to do something and i truly think that i am capable to pay for the punishment. I think a whole lot about something. In a way i am a prune because even when i do something bad i know that i raised better then to do some stuff.I feel really bad afterwards.So it takes all the fun out of stuff.Oh and i keep hounding my love about how he might like some other chicks or what not well i think its just because i like some guys but then i wounder too much i like him and only a guilty mind speaks so i am so not going to ask him about that stuff unless i feel it deep down that i need to.
I can be super clueless too.Well on friday it was so awesome and stuff.Kelsey help me call chris and he was like yeah totally i want to go to the what ever it was with me i would have been like hell no if he would have said no or something.
I am one of the prettiest girls at are school.
If i had more curves i bet that i would win P.Q. my dream more then anything even college stuff i was thinking about everything before hand like p.q. was like when i was four and i saw they had all these pretty dresses.Thats why i try make so much good first impressions.I think that i need to strive to be nice and the best out of everyday.I have the brains and the looks its more of material things but more then half the pretty girls truly are full of it i admit i can be that way sometimes. I hate the truth but its all good because its not hurting me.
I love giving.
I think that i am going to go swimming and stuff i need to run today and finish my homework.
so i hope that i can do good on that.

Its going to be super sunny but i need to keep my swimming up.I think in the wired way.....

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