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Friday, August 14, 2009

yeah its such a story

This is a made up tune that i was repeating to myself.
what are you doing that i don't know?
what are you doing that i don't understand?
I am looking for an outlet looking for a fish
in these open waters that i see go so deep
my eyes start closing and the people start
to roar...
tell me a story that i yet don't know
tell me something that will make me
i don't know this fairy tale that well
i don't know you so just won't tell
a soul about are
fake love something so true
so deep
farther then the eye can see
you a piece of art on my pretty
your an old shopping bag from
a place i use to go
your my sweet sunset upon the clouds
and all i want is you
you maybe a lion to others
your my big news!

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