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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The rain dancer

"Everywhere I'm turning nothing seems complete....because i am super women..."
-Alicia keys

I remember going outside and sliding down the hill which would turn into a mud slide.We didn't go to water parks when we were growing up instead we went in the back yard did a rain dance.Pretended to be rain dancers. Then begin to yell at the top of are lungs like we knew what we were doing.It was so refreshing.I loved the feeling of the cold wet water drip down my face into my hair and hug my whole body slowly top to bottom. With what felt like.... I have no words to tell in detail the joy i would get yelling and dancing then spending time with my siblings as i did when it rained.So i i tend to giggle or smile when it rains because others may say what a bad day its going to be just because its raining.Then i think to myself what a wonderful day it will be.I sometimes think that my life went on a road that was less taken.I love Robert frost.For the most part i think that everything that his written makes perfect everything.I might not always
be on the same boat.But i am getting there lol.I have my whole life ahead of me to make up my mind about what i have planned to do.Its not like i am going to be a dreamer.Because anything that is good and has possibility to be great and to others may be a basic dream then i say go for it.Like others say you never know till you try it.I am not saying that it is going to come true the way you wanted.Buts its okay for just knowing how far it can go.No one can tell you what you can and can not do.They might just do it by force... but that's my point its not you yourself wanting to.Fear isn't respect.That's something that is earned.I might be young but soon i will be wise and i just need to wait and be patient.

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