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Sunday, August 9, 2009

teo tea tah

Ha ha random thing to write but as always i could care less about any of it.
Well no i care.
Anyways, so this is what i loved about yesterday and talking to my ex his cousin picks up the phone and had asked me who i was and i told her my name and she asked me who i was looking for and of course who's phone was it my Ex's so who else would i be looking for.Gosh that girl is stupid... so anyways shes all like oh am his girl friend Brittney as if i cared because i knew that was his cousin.Then shes like boo babe! Then he answers hey and in the tone of like his all that i am like what the hell i feel like just in that moment he was a whole other person a jerk that i no longer wanted to talk to and he tried so hard to act like me dating someone else was no big deal.He cares but i don't know why his being rude to me his the one that told me to date someone else otherwise he wasn't going to talk to me.Because we had both agreed to break it off together even though i still wanted to date him even though i was moving away and now his all like blah about the whole thing.Gosh his a jerk so now his all like on the phone the other day saying he was busy because he knew that i was disappointed because i hadn't called him in three days and so when i finally called him he acted like he was super busy and i was like well okay bye then and then he was like call me tomorrow and then he had added at any time.
I don't feel like calling him now his a different person and he a lire.

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