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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Guys think that everything that
has to do with girls is a battle field.

But when we are young they think that girls are super gross and its the same way with the girls its just that the guys can be more up front and rude about what they think about girls.
Its like they weren't ever in are place and then when they grow up they expect to date us the same people they threw paper and gum in are hair.
This is super lame i think that i am getting a little too into this subject.
Because i love talking about stuff that still bothers me from when i was younger.
I hate what i think about what i meant is when i over think how i am still holding back on the guys that treated me really meanly when i was younger.

Guys pretend to be so sweet but it doesn't matter where they are in their life's they still try soo hard to impresses the person they like that they go a tad over board. =]

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