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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A okay

I love you.
I wonder how many times thats been said to me.I stop falling for every guy that told me they loved me.Because from what i knew they had loved everyone.Ha ha ha
I use to think that being in love was great nope i was wrong being single is great being in love is work.
Something like that is killer to the brain.
Don't fall for every sap you meet doesn't matter if your a girl or a boy just choose very wisely.
I pretend yo play hard to get if i really like the boy play with the fish before you catch it and throw it back into the sea.
Growing up my friends thought guys were nasty and all they knew to do was play in the mud and pick their noes.I thought otherwise thats were i knew i wasn't like most other girls i looked very girly and yet i could pick a fight with any boy who thought that they were better just because they could do more

things.I showed them.They later became some of my closest friends.So i never saw how them being boys made them anything more then any girl i knew except that the girls wouldn't play in the mud or roll around with the dogs.
Some might have but i knew none.The girls still like me because aside from all that i was still a girl so i was excepted for my fake smile and elegant grace as i would walk.

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