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Sunday, November 1, 2009


All my letters and notes and thoughts... i made no changes to the original i wanted it as is. My side is either in light pink color or bold.

I just found out that you told tony that told lorena that told angelica who told me that you said that i was annyoing and talked too much and it seemed like i liked you FYI i never have gosh your a jerk and your super rude!

Yeah,(832-597-7049) cell :) anyways its surprising that i am willing to wait for prince. I haven't really ever liked someone so much. He makes my day! I just hope i don't turn into a kelsey.
awwwe. thats so sweet! She's cool she just needs that attention from guys thats all.


:) You told lee i was mad @ him? Wow, FYI i'm not. Today has been great, how about you?
no. I didn't and today sucks
I didn't get any sleep and i have to go to practice
Easy fix go to bed now!
I drunk and energy drink
I want to but can't
Ha :)
(Hum) then that seems to help?!?
I'll talk to you later so that you can get some Z's

:) NVM about me being friends with kelsey. She's a little too sluty for my friendship. lol
How was lunch?
aha; it was good!
Ha ha :] Bummer (-10) anyways yeah i can't wait for the weekend i'm going to the movies :)
thats nice;
with who?
Lorena my older sister she's coming from austin.
ohh thats kool;
What are you doing? Oh more like what do you plan on doing? So now do you like basketball practice? I want to know when the season starts...
it starts in november!
and idk prolly the mall;
Wat r u goin' to do
@ the mall? Ur a guy lol jk :) Thats g2k i need to see some of my friends that are on the team play. And of course my prince charming lol
Ohh that boy yu like?
yepers! lol :) So how are you and kelsey lol jk :) I love dramtic/funny movies. Too bad that guy dies...
Wht you going to cree at them movies?
"Where the Wild things are" and that zombie movie...
What are you going to do @ the mall?
buy something nd chill;
ha ha
I'll let you see the movie now :)

I'm sorry i guess i just went over board. And ii have some random fight set up. It's all a little too much but it's okay. I can finally see what you meant by that time apart. Just until everything is over. I'm sorry really.... i am! Only if you want me to will i still talk and text you. I was just upset about not being able to talk to you... during school. So i'm hoping this last note for i think 28 days is okay. lol And @ lunch it's okay i'll sit with some other friends. Lets try making it into something funny instead of dramatic. I'll tell you after my swimming class is done. "Today"
I feel really bad but after today i'm blocking everything out.

Eric 832 863 8448

Ricky 832 921 8110 (44)

Demarcus 832 404 0139

Laytrelle Jackson Micky mouse 713 847 7779

ReAndrea 713 591 0483

Fernell 713 837 8483

I have tenn- practice and after that i might help yall after i'm done looking at my boyfriend practice. Then i'm going to help. So what were you talking about to the teacher?
I hasee to go to practice right after achool so i asked if i could get my clothes ;`/ He said "no" ;`/
Thats lame! Gosh its not going to kill him to let you do that. You seem sweet i would have asked for a restroom pass then instead get the clothes you can do that and stick them in your bag :]
I'll try that :)

Tuesday October 6, 2009
Ha ha.... i truly do like Nerds jk MOndays always throw me off. A good thing about Tuesdays now is that i spend most of the day with you. lol :] I tend to laugh a whole lot more Gosh i have tennis practice today... :)

You know you totally shouldn't get in a fight with chris. lol It's not worth it his just being a huge drama queen. :]
As long as he doesn't come at me we good
You know his not going to do that but he doesn't mind if his older brother does. IDK his just Grr I don't care about him and he needs to take a chill pill. Has he told you anything?
Nope. Don't worry about it. I'm not
Okay great, so what are you doing after school?
Going to get me some clothes for the dance tomorro. You going?
No, i was a "valtine" nut dropped my spot because i didn't want chris to beat up my date. lol :)
Lol wow that sucks
yeah, but its okay i'm going to Max's party this saturday and friday i'm going shopping! :)
Who is Max?
Some kid.
Oh well I hope you change your mind anout teh dance
I don't feel like dressing like an egypt person. lol Thats the theme this year. I got asked about 12 times already. But i'm too mixed up about things to hang-out with ppl that are going to start more drama.
Yeah i understand well if you ever wanna talk after school can call me if you want
If i had your #. Lol I'm having a custom party this month if you want 2 come?
Yeah call me 281-780-1038

Copper 1st grade and 9th grade

Kids should be placed in a wild zoo!!! :]

Ello :)
Okay well i have a huge crush on this junior problem is... that i have boyfriend and i freeze up every time i talk to him.
WOW! Watz his name!
My boyfriend
Christian Williams i call him chris the guy i'm too scared to talk to is (loreal) or thats how you would spell it by the way it sounds but wow i kinda went the long way hoping that i would talk to him but never found the courage to. :]
Christian Williams
did he just get tatto's!
Well! you are kinda in my sitution i like dis doi but afraid to talk to hym!But today i went straight on up it him get a clue! I like you! and RAN! LOL!
Same here lol :]
Nope but he missed w/ his hair he always wears contacts and has a really hot body (bf) i think i'll talk to that loreal guy his in my art class. :) Do you have any classes with your crush?
Nope No class!


Wednesday October 7 2009
omg, i love wednesdays! It's like one of the days out of the week that are normal. That's the cool part about the whole thing. This weekedn i' going to this art thing. You should see what you doing for the weekend. LOL :)

what if we gave each other a chance (Quote)

Eric 832 308 1799

Is leo playing because i was just kidding i told her after we passed the library that his funny blah blah some more good stuff.
Naw he good, i doubt he for real.Hey you need to join debate, you would be good. We gotta interest meeting today, you should come.

Chocolate and whipped cream,
sprinkles and more...
Thats what an ice cream party is for!

Thursday October 8 2009
The week is almost over thats great. Do you think that i'm a too peppy?LOL I guess sometime i can put up a front so starting now i'm going to be opps... (truthful)
Ha ha
LOL :]

I'M HAPPY JUST BECAUSE <3 (quote) I thought tha yall were doing some hard core work. LOL :)
Whats that game called?
Okay :]
Are you going to that egypt dance?
what egypt dance?
The dance this weekend @school i think...
IDK About that
Oh, Well i guess not I'm a whatever person that has to walk with those other ppl you know those meetings with the people after school?
What's your #? LOL :)
Why are you asking LOL i don't want you to call me for answers jk
Not for answers to talk to you.

Were you in Homeroom yesterday? Because the girls were asking me if i was with erik but I'm not and after class kelsey told me his nice but his mean too.Do you know anything about him?
Yeah i do know a little 2 me he'z a sweet dued just don't get on his bad side!! LOL
omg thats G2K anyways i kinda like him but i'll stay with my boyfriend that i have LOL :]

The teacher always gives me the stink eye!
She might hate you.
Maybe so...:/
So where's the note?

I have pretty things

(A heart bag says my name) Sonia

I told jordan you are against immigration.

I <3 Riley harris 100 Hallie Keegan 300-300 Nick kiowski 100 Sonia Villeda 100

Really,Its Great i wanted to re-write mine just to match up and even then yours is probley going to be better. :)
=D IDK,I dont like it!
It definatly isn't my best!
But thanks anyway. Yours is
really great so far! =D
I'm going to let you finish on your A= paper but yep you still have time for reflection OKAY =D

Cause she was mad at me

Wow this is loads of fun!!!I'm kinda out of it.Sorry i feel sick i was going to stay on vacation. How was your new years? Oh and if you go ing to stay on vacation. How was your new years? Oh and if you got the e-mail thats the only day i went to a party. =)
I am kinda grounded but I'm really glad I got in trouble and my vacation was good.
Your glad you got grounded so no movies. I was planning on going w/ you this weekend. Well is it okay if i go with my friend Gino?
I'm going to the prom but its just a friend thing but would like to hang out w/ you.
Do you have any 11th or 12th grade friend that are girls?
Not very many Why Ok explain at lunch

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