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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hate him i hate him i hate him

he tells me so much bull on the 30th gosh its sick... he likes me but he thinks i am crazy he thinks i am a good person but thinks that i give him weird vibes and looks and his dating this fat unpopular chick that doesn't even come close to me and says he sees it going somewhere he tells me that i didn't seem to like him and his sister is telling me to leave him alone you can see where i begin to get confused and forget my love and sadness and replace it with "JUMP SHIP"
I had fun yesterday i was still thinking of why i like a stranger and didn't like him or whatever and its because i like robert and he seemed to remind me of him and that's easier to get over then to keep trying to fix something that isn't worth having. I liked making him mad i admit to that because i think he texts that to me.I am happy but i am numb about what i was thinking prob i was in love and he was like whatever.
I can't wait for my trip to ohio next week and tashi came over last night and we watched movies that was super cool.

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