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Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is something i wrote larelle

I have no clue if we are on speaking bases yet…? Lol But its whatever in the air I know I haven’t talked to you in over a week and a half which has been surprisingly cool… kind of because I didn’t want to seem like the type of person that’s you know what you called me crazy and annoying and childish. Thanks by the way. Ha ha jk But if we aren’t on a speaking bases I’d appreciate if your sister quits calling or texting or whatever I have no problems with her. But she made my older sister upset! Don’t worry I hate fights so I told her to chill and not to make a big deal that your sister was just being protective and you know sibling stuff. She’s still upset about the disrespected part but aside from that I don’t even think she cares very much. You don’t know much about me but I am the baby of the family and my siblings and friends are all older then me so when I have problems I tend to keep them to myself because I hate drama. I didn’t know that I made you get in a fight? I was pretty shocked that your sister said that I told you to get in that thing…? I plan on joining the peace core so that’s not something I would say or want. But its cool I hate bring things up from the past I can learn form them but I try not to live in the past. You know what I mean. Oh and I don’t care that you let your friends read what I write you lol ha ha I just found out last week that you share :P

Sorry its ton to read…

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