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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am a sucker for L0^3

Do you know that there is these things were its said in Italian and its like…“L'amore è una maledizione, di amare qualcuno è una cavalla notte e di essere amato è beatitudine.” It’s really true in more ways then one. To love is a curse to be in love is a nightmare and to be loved is bliss. Anyways sorry about my best friend in art class I talked to him about it he didn’t mean to give you a look. Or whatever. I think that it’s funny how he explained it. So you know how I asked you to talk to me instead of me always having to talk to you. Well you still need work on that whole thing. But its okay I will let you slide because I talked to you about the whole weekend thing. Why didn’t you tell that girl in my English class anything..? : P and am I not suppose to tell people that I like you? I am so confused but whatever. Aside from some whatever moments yesterday I am thinking are whole friend things is going to work out just super! So anyways I would love to know you a whole lot better so I might ask your friends I hope you don’t mind and I hope they don’t either I’ll ask them I can tell when ppl don’t want me to ask questions. Even when they say yes. (Lol) I use to be like omg about everything and now I am more laid back about everything. It’s so cool I seem to be happier. So how are things with you? I promise to sit by you more often and not give you the cold shoulder I am sorry I think that I seem to get mad at the wrong people. I will explain it later but then again I rather not because its just going to make me upset its some pity stuff about this kid that I may or may not ever talk to because the way they act sometimes. I am going to do something crazy in December you’ll see in January its so funny. I don’t think that its going to be as bad as you say it will (hint: it starts with a “T”) lol Well have a great day or whatever, I just hope I get ungrounded Its so un cool why I got in trouble in the first place

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