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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Road is long time is short people choose the easy road for i see different i will choose the path that is not yet taken

Having a great time and thinking in the proper mind.

I hate when other people act like they are just super perfect (angelica)
Gosh i want to come home but i have now realize i don't want to be able to do whatever i want o might end up doing something that i would hate to remember just because i wanted to act like a stupid teenager. I want to have a good time just not too much of one. Actions speak louder then words well when i act on something they speak very loud i tend to jump the ship before it sinks just because i am so logical with stuff but then again i tend to be more atomistic. Gosh my legs hurt from when demarcus was hitting me while we were playing a game during art. I was so upset that prince wasn't there i was looking forward to seeing him and stuff i guess he really doesn't like my way of doing things.

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