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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I felt for a toad and not prince charming

I was like non-stop
i am in a state of shock and disappointment he could have done better and by better i meant me. Lol I am acting childish about the whole thing but whatever i have a right to. And i just know what his going to tell me oh well i really like her so sorry i mad you feel bad and i hope we can still be friends. Oh my gosh today after school i saw chris new girlfriend she looks so ugly and he got uglier so its no big deal i felt like laughing when i saw them. I kept talking about it during the entire day i was so mad! Every time i see her and her friends one of her friend always has to come up and say oh wheres your boyfriend i don't let it bug me right there and then but to say the truth if i was trashy and unlady like i would grab her head and kick the f**k out of her friends so what she won. Whoopy do duh.
Alex seemed to be the only honest person that told me flat out get over it. I was mad but its the truth and the truth hurts. I am going to avoid larelle on friday because i can't stand to see him to tell me to move on because he like his girlfriend.

Gosh how could he be dating that chick.... AND NOT ME!!!!!!
I wish he had told me that he liked someone else i am numb inside with anger and sadness i just can't think straight. I feel happy but i want to fell bad and cry this has only happened once before last year. Wow its the worst feeling its like you on auto mode. I hate how its controlling me.

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