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Monday, October 19, 2009

I had FUN

I thought that leaving a place you would leave things that go with it i guess you can't erase the past or at least not all of it. I got asked but alex weather or not if i were a ... and i said something but truthfully i hate that question i know we are grown ups but sometimes i like keeping things to myself. I didn't see chris at school but prince made me so happy at first i was sad then he made me super happy. OMG i am crazy for him and it makes me so touchy and emotional when i think about him. I remember feeling this way with robert and man do i still love that guy. I found out what love meant true love. I let it go but it let me go too. Ego thats my worst friend lol
I hate guys that are all into the moment and then out of it like in five seconds.
I want someone but i don't want it to be two weeks of bliss i want 3 months of hardship lol jk
I don't get princes friends they don't want to talk to me but they do its like weird lee is someone that is for sure on the fence.
His a funny guy though.I am head over hills for lorelle but sometimes i can tell he doesn't want to go overboard like me.
I am a crazy chick..?

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