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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Freak Fakes

I use to try my best to make sure everyone was treated nicely i am done with that and this witch kelsey it to thank
She acts like such a kid so what it was a dumb set i didn't make a big deal about it but i guess i can make her be scared of me rather then trying to convince her to stop and let it go. I was the one that should be mad. So what!
Gosh its ppl like her that make me mad. Better yet i should let it go. I am the bigger person. I am so happy about prince reading it all lol and then saying it was long lol
Its so weird i think that i am falling for lee. I am over chris its just after practice sometimes i want a kiss then i think of prince and i am like forget chris i want my prince charming. :)

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