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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I love nerds babe

I have no problem with some of the things that you told them but some of it I’d rather them not know until I am willing to dish out stuff. I am so not a kiss and tell person. I am guessing from what I have heard that you are. I still want to be friends but lately you have been acting happy one second and sad the next. Your half right about me liking someone else I couldn’t truly say I liked you as a boyfriend but it was great as a thought. I haven’t ever before you dared to date a band person and yet
I did. In fact my best friend is in the band. It was a given that we didn’t match. You dumped me in the most absence way imaginable. But its okay its things like that which seem to bring me down to earth in fact I’d like you to be more then just a friend but less then a boyfriend. I tend not to select best friends by this way or manner. So you can be the first. You will be the first to know that I don’t really like Chris its just an on and off again thing. I don’t like anyone but this one person who’s head over hills for me as I am for him. His name is Robert E. Mansfield the 2nd. But that’s an other story lol J
Honestly I have no idea how you perceive me now. You might think that am a pretty smart girl who has her life set out for her or a chick that pretends a whole lot and has no idea what she’s doing next. Like really I want you to see the real side. I love playing games and I thought I told you I was a horrible girlfriend before I started dating you. I think that and my random acts and double personality are my only Faull’s. I will admit I was hurt when you dumped me but me but dating Chris right after was bound to happen I tend to do random acts when I am hurt/upset but I had no intentions on making you jealous I knew Chris still liked me and I wanted to see where it would go clearly I just don’t like him as much as I thought I would the second time around. I am so not a romantic type of person but I guess I came off clingy if you knew me well enough you would have thought that I was on crack or something I never get close and I always bail. You’re the 1st guy that I didn’t which was kind of mean of me in a way. I didn’t really get the letter you wrote but for the first time I felt what being dumped was like. No offence but of all people by you. I guess it doesn’t matter if you put “no offense” it always tends to be offensive. Anyways you prefect to be best friend quality, because you’re not going to want to date me and you know how to dress well and your smart and your only problem is for a best friend knows how to keep a secret. That’s huge for me I have a huge problem with people that can’t keep a zip on the lip if you know what I mean.

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