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Monday, October 19, 2009

WOW 100

The Good Old Days :D

I have to be my friends football buddie and at first i had wanted to be some other guys buddie because i like him and then i realized that i didn't like him anymore so i am not going to be his buddie anymore.So its pretty funny! :)
I miss my ex not chris but the one from the trop lol
Its pretty silly but i kinda do but i am head over hills for my prince charming. I wanted to talk to my best friend erik and see what he has to say. I had fun today my best friend demarcus is spacing out and in and flirts too much with me for being my best friend and i think its upsetting my prince lol I think that charles just gave up on trying to date me i like attention but not the drama.
I gave tashi a friendship thing today its so cute!
I have tennis practice later gosh i don't feel like it.

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