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Sunday, October 18, 2009

something about you

I drive myself crazy thinking about prince its really childish but super true i don't know what to do should i jump the gun or let him go i think am going to act like no big deal just like he does with me.
I am going to act like his my friend because that is what he is give him a hug then begin to start talking. About normal stuff he can't handle my randomness and i wouldn't want to scare him off. So i think i am just going to ask about his weekend instead of what he would do if he was stuck on an island by himself.
I tend to get off track. I am mad a terelle his not on the ball about signs that i show and doesn;t like me so i am like whatever i don't want to give him a bag anymore because i don't like him anymore.I love the way my body feels after being in the cold and getting in the warm sun and how it feels so nice when the wind blows after a hot day.

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