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Saturday, September 5, 2009



I’d appreciate if you can quit telling people I like you that’s super old I mean it I stopped liking you a long time ago. It’s so not true if you hear people telling you that I am saying we are talking or together or anything else. I am not that type of person. And I don’t play around with my friends. But I am really getting fed up of people telling me that they are hearing from your mouth that I like you still. Demarcus was lying I did I admit that part but unless I tell you that I still like you I’d advise you to quit telling people something that’s like over a mouth old. This is why I don’t like getting involved with people at the same place…
I guess I was childish about the whole mother problem I was just token away about the whole thing you know. Its like if I were to tell you that I had a kid or something I don’t but it’s just an example. Lol ha Well yeah sorry the first part of the note is so harsh I was just doing some stuff after school and are friends had told me that you had made it seem like I was still liking you and telling everyone that I did. I was just upset I was going to text you but then I had to type my report and I can type really fast so it’s like whatever.
J I hope that your not thinking I am mad at you for any reason you’re a cool friend. And I do mean just a friend lol j
I tend to go on about dumb things lol there is this thing this weekend and I didn’t know if you were free but I am inviting a couple of people you can come.

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