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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is something i wrote larelle
You drive me crazy prince… something about everything you do seems to grasp my attention. Lol That didn’t make any since but you might get the whole thing later. It’s hard to look at you and not try smiling. I am head over hills for you. I think in a way its childish to say but then again its very much the truth. I don’t like how you always say “okay” to everything, and how you always make a joke and are so care free about big things but then again I think its very charismatic.
I can wait to date you that’s not the problem it’s the fact that I see you and…. Well I have no idea how to explain it and I don’t want to nag you about dating me I know you like me and I like you but I also know we both have major problems in and out of school. So now wouldn’t be the best time…
There is this thing that I think about sometimes and its like I want you but I don’t want you to do something that you don’t feel the need to do right then and there. Because honestly I don’t feel like dating anyone but then I see you and everything I think I know I want to do just disappears. I want to space out. Not like before were we wouldn’t talk that would just totally throw me overboard but like were when your ready to talk to me then go ahead and do it.
You’re a very closed off person and I have a random, crazy, and bubbly personality… so I will know that you truly want to be with someone as random and different (lol) as me when you decide to come to me instead of me to you. I think that’s its noticeable that I have been the goofy careless chick jk that seems to have a free spirit for the most part and take the chance.
Now I am going to let you have the loaded pistol and let you shot cowboy when you feel is best it will take the pressure off of me and let you be you. I love how you care without making a big deal over stuff. That’s tight!

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