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Friday, September 4, 2009

change my mind

Some how i came from thinking of what i was going to do and what i had done... to what i am doing.
Some ppl just go day to day on some train ride that keeps on going.Well i got off of that ride and boarded a space ship living in lala land is something that i consider to be very blissful.
Blank out and think..?
I stayed after school today to help the girls finish some posters that they had been making out in the front.I was upset at myself for making a mistake on one of them.But it was okay because i had made a couple of good ones.I love being happy too bad more then half the time i have no idea why.I try making up reasons why but regardless of the reasons i still feel plan inside.
I have a ton of things going on at my new school i am super glad that its this good.I wish the guys were a little less friendly if you know what i mean.
I joined all these things that i enjoy having something to be in charge of.
I like history the most my teacher is the bomb.He sometimes can be on the edge but its for the best.I can't hate everything.I tend to judge ppl very quickly based on the way they act but in more detail very hard to explain.

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