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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Mama

In Loving Memory of Gloria Gemma

Our Hero

So tender and so gentle, as only she could be
For all that she believed in, as far as we could see
Was living life and having fun and don’t forget her love
For “angel” does describe her best along with her white dove.

She said to laugh and cry with joy, and don’t forget to sing
All the songs she’d taught us, like the wind beneath my wings.
That was her favorite song you know, so sing it out my dear
But don’t regret that she is gone, she hears you loud and clear!

Today we learned what hero means, she’d be so very proud
To see her name so brightly lit from atop her great white cloud.
She watches closely over us and guides us through each day
So please remember Gloria, each and every time you pray!

Not one of us would disagree, she left us way to soon
The only time we see her now is through the big bright moon.
Her legacy lives on today and those who knew her boast
That life and love and laughter too, are what she loved the most.

Support the fight against breast cancer.
Wear pink and spread the news about the movement. Yates High
School staff and students as well as others will be able to show their
support by wearing a pink ribbon. There will also be a
walk/run that will be occurring this month for donations.
Details will be available later this month.
Thank you!

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