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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

your my gem

This is my greek report i admit i did it at the last second
i ended up getting a 95 on my project

The Greek Goddess Eos better known in Greek mythology as, Aurora. She was the goddess of dawn. Her parents are Hyperion and Thea, her brother and sister are Helios and Selene but they are known as the sun and moon. Eos description is red “ Flamed-color” hair, white wings, and rosy fingers.

Eos is a kind and loving goddess that was treated very harshly after being cursed by Aphrodite. It was a big part in how she was judged in the homer tells. Eos would open up the gates for the sun. Her lover Tithonus and her had two sons named Memnon and Emathion. The story of he true love that she happened to kidnap, when she had fallen in love with a Trojan, named Tithonus, she took him to Ethiopia.

They had both fallen in love with each other the story goes as though Eos had asked Zeus to give Tithonus eternal life. Zeus had done what she had asked but there was a catch. Eos didn’t ask for forever youth. So her lover Tithonus had grown older and older and Eos locked him up and placed him in her palace, because she couldn’t stand to see him suffer. He got smaller and smaller until he became a grasshopper.

Her less dramatic story of what she did as a goddess was, each morning, she rode her chariot across the sky to announce the coming of the sun. Eos is the daughter of two titans. She is mentioned in famous novels. Nicknames that pointed out her memorable key factors,

“ Rosy-fingered”, “early rising”, and “saffron-robed”. Eos main outfit colors were her robe, which were saffron and her dress, which was buttercup white.

The name of the group of horses that pulled the chariot across the sky are called “ Lampos” and “Phaethon” but translated they are called “Firebright” and “Daybright”. Aside from Eos opening the gate she was known for her affairs. She has a strange fascination with mortal men, but she also liked gods. Eos was punished for having accepted Ares offer.

Ares lover Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, she was mad that her lover had been involved with Eos. So out of anger Aphrodite had punished her by making Eos fall in love with mortals. Some of the men Eos fell in love with were Tithonus, Cephalus, and Orion. She had children by some of her lovers. Such as the winds Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus and the morning star Eosphoros. Bore to the Titan Astraeus; and Memnon, her son by Tithonus.

Due to her curse she would find a love and take them away somewhat like kidnapping. Eos

was known for opening the gates of heaven for the sun everyday. When the two Eos and Tithonus were married she had fallen in love with someone else. That other person in whom she had fallen in love with was Cephalus, who was already married to Procris. Eos had tried her best to convince him to leave with her.

Procris had refused and only loved his wife. The goddess of dawn Eos had tried telling him that it was okay due to the fact that she would be doing the same thing to her husband. Eos had a temple on the Forum Boarium. They would have a celebration that was at Mater Matuta; the festival was strictly for women in their first marriage. Eos myths of lovers and children. She was supposedly married to Astraios and had ten children with him. The first one was Boreas the; north wind, Eurus the east wind, Nortus the south wind, Zephyrus the west wind, Eosphoros the morning star and Hesperos the evening star Phainon the Saturn and last Phaethon as Jupiter, Pyroeis as mars and last but not least of the children was Stilbon as Mercury.

The other lover that she had happened to kidnap was Tithonus and had two children with him. the first one Emathion and Memnon. The other lover that she had kidnapped was Cephalus she also had two children with him the first being Phaeton and the second being Tithonos. The other lover that she happens to have had was Zeus she had Ersa and Carae.

The Greek Goddess Eos was known to have either have winged back or she would ride on a chariot across the sky bringing in the dawn. Her as well and the sun and the moon were the second generation of titan gods. Eos rose up into the sky from the river. Okeanos during the begin of everyday. Her rays of light dispersed the mists of night.

The goddess of the red morning. She brings up the light of day from the east. Eos had a son that was named Memnon. He had fought against Achilles, she asked Hephestus to give her arms for him. When Memnon was killed, her tears fell down in the form of morning dew. Her children and lovers play roles in the stories that she happens to appear in. She also has lost of drama with Aphrodite over Aphrodite lover. Eos was a beautiful and graceful woman that was placed in a difficult position that didn’t allow her to truly live her life the way she should have been like.

Things could have been easier if she wouldn’t have fell for Aphrodite’s lover. Its wrong how Aphrodite had made those curse on Eos, due to the fact that she had jealousy problems. In most of the Greek and roman civilizations they had the same languages and the same gods so when they would tell the stories or the following gods and goddess they would make different names for them but refer them to the same thing. Based on what their position was as a god or goddess.

The Greek Goddess Eos

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Sonia Villeda

Mr. Butler

3rd period

World history AP

October 20th 2009


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