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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was never that type of person that trys to fit in i squeeze in where i am not wanted just to stand out.Like this thing that i wrote in Italian "Ti amo perché non posso amare gli altri hai bisogno di me come ho bisogno di te perché non c'è nessun altro che il primo e l'ultimo di tutto e di più ci sono così prendere me e io sarà sempre la vostra."Which in English means "I love you because i can not love others you need me just as i need you because there is no one else your the first and the last of anything and everything there is so take me and i will forever be yours." I am random which makes people wonder to know what not to know whats never been.Thats something that is something for sure what Americans do.I love them its just that they are too full of themselves.

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