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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am doing to much its killer


I could go days with out food, but take away my beverage and you will see the claws come out. I have always been a very laid back kind of girl this has an image of more then one thing. But the big picture is the color. Since I like things in black and white to represent the simplistic things in life of how blame things are without imagination. I like adding the Latin spice to what I pretend to think about. I can be in the middle of nowhere and still have something that pops up. I sometimes get kicked outside when I begin to sing it’s sad but true. I think if you ask me they are just jealous. Or at least that’s what my mothers said.

I think my favorite season is the summer that’s why I decided to buy a jeep. I love to go tubing but my older sister ruins my chances of ever being able to do that when she left to six flags and almost droned. I hate coffee but wouldn’t mind an espresso. Something with fruit is really the thing I would order if I had a choice between the two. I like wearing tights or skintight pants. Not to show my curves but just because its so… liberal.

I like over sized t-shirts and adore road trips. I think I have only had one bad encounter with a privately owned store. I got kicked out and was never allowed back in just because I speak my mind. I confronted the owner about selling some stuff to minors with out the proper paper work or something. I try not to remember what happen but I know I was in the right.

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Fire & Me

I am normally nosey and curios if I were a cat I think my 9 lives would have been up. I have no care in the world for others that are better but embrace those who love what they have rather then what they don’t. I saw a fire burn and in a state of shock and amusement. I stared at it as though it were the last beam of light for years to come. A fairly tale that had become true. Like the ants that dance when the rain drops in for a short visit and leaves them dancing that make your eyes go in a trance of bliss.

The ants trick you and then bite just like the world they make it seem so start bright and give you the last chance of hope just for something or someone to tell you to let that dream go. I say no! I have this blog and I love pulling things I hear, see, and say into it its like an open diary and peek into my life. I tend to make stuff complex or so easy to read that this is the real me that blog wow its like my half but less fake. This is something from my blog “The road is long time is short people choose the easy road for i see different I will choose the path that is not yet taken”. It means more then what that frost guy wrote he had simplicity to his mine is in depth you know what you have to do but will you do it for the right reason and you have only a limited time to waste because we know as humans we are going to die eventually.

I want to have a good time just not too much of one. Actions speak louder then words well when I act on something they speak very loud I tend to jump the ship before it sinks just because I am so logical with stuff but then again I tend to be more atomistic. The gate in the picture is represented as tons of stuff my friend on the side is something I can choose to leave behind and the road is what lies ahead.

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How being attractive can be an asset as well as a vice.

Sonia Villeda Period 7th 10/16/09

In day-to-day life people are directly judged on their appearance. Its society who judges weather or not someone is up to that par. There are stereotypes such as the one regarding the diffractions in personalities that associate with what color hair you may have. During the 20th century people have gone to excitants such as plastic surgery and less aggressive approaches of trying to meet the standard of what some may base appearances on. Like make-up, lotions, dieing of the hair, and other essentials. What most may not seem to realize is that it’s been an on going epidemic that it’s too late to go back.

People since the being of civilization have based people on their appearance.

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