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Sunday, September 13, 2009

be mine

My best friend erik is a bit much but always can seem to make me laugh
" IDK but I know what you are talking about! Just threat them you will do something and be a bitch"

this was to chris wong
You haven’t spoken to me since the last time I’ve wrote you? I never meant for you to believe anything vague. Its some code thing and you wouldn’t understand its something between my friends and me. Since I was like five. But im super sweet and felt the need to say sorry. I feel bad that you don’t talk to me its pretty weird. If you wanted to no longer speak to me or just be neutral or whatever it would help if you spoke to me about it. I was upset at the fact that you were telling a couple of are friends about what had happen in Ohio and that includes my best friend tashi who I hadn’t told in detail what had happen but I come to find out you have I am not a kiss and tell type of person so If I seem distant or I seem like I am avoiding you I am trying not to so I will smile or say hi I want to try working this awkward vase out and transitioning to being normal ha.
But considering that I am almost a year older I will be a better person and stuff so if your free this weekend I am having some friend go to the movies and out to eat this weekend if you want to come?

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